Monday, March 23, 2009

Tandoori Chicken and Garam Masala

This recipe for Tandoori Chicken and Garam Masala was sent to me from a fellow Squidoo member. If you would like to join Squidoo Click here! To read any of my lenses see me as sandyspider on Squidoo.

This has been sent as one image, which I broke down to several. I tried converting it to a text manager, but about 75% of the words it didn't recognize. I didn't feel like retyping it. If it isn't readable, send me a message and I will type it out. (It might have been faster to just retype it.)A variation of this recipe can be found on GRILLED TANDOORI CHICKEN WITH GARAM MASALA Recipe

A little taste of Indian style cooking. I haven't tried it yet. Thought it sounded good. For those who try the recipe, send me a message to or post a comment.

Please note that store-bought Garam Masala is horrible when compared with this mixture which you make yourself. This is vastly superior. And on the rare occasions when I go to the trouble of making this, I usually add more Garam Masala than the recipe calls for.

Also, as mentioned I leave out the food coloring, and where the recipe calls for using the whole cut up chicken, I use boned chicken breasts....which require less cooking time.

It's good stuff! Good luck with it!
Tom Swisstoons on Squidoo